Protect Your Investment – Licenses

The Value of Software Support Agreements (SSA) for the End User

Purchasing a security system does more than arm your facility with state-of-the-art control and video surveillance.  It provides you, your employees and visitors with the peace of mind you can only get from a provider known for ultra-reliable products and rigorously trained integrators.

You’ve taken the measures necessary to secure your facility – protecting your investment in your security system is just as critical.  A Software Support Agreement ensures that your system is operational 24 x 7, and gives us, your integrator access to:

  • Up to three new releases annually which allows you to maintain version compatibility
  • Regular updates to your system
  • Software support to ensure the software works with the very latest Access and Video offerings
  • Priority tech support for your integrator on your behalf
  • Version compatibility across different platforms
  • Support specialists who can quickly troubleshoot system problems across hardware, operating systems, databases, and peripheral devices in analog and IP networks


What else should your company consider?

  • Teaming with us at Toepfer Security Corporation your local integrator for on-site support to fully understand your security environment and technical issues
  • Leverage our access to full suite end-user on-site training.  Just contact us via our contacts page for a complete list of available courses